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President's Message
Mr. S. Jayavinukumaar
Involve children & Young artists to
spread awareness of the
rich heritage of Indian culture throughout the world
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One of the best institute serving
in the field of Fine Arts and
Education. Providing right platform
for artists and Children.
Art is potentially a career oriented subject and you name anything there is art in it. Any object of daily usage has, apart from its functional aspect also has an aesthetic aspect in the sense it should attract and lure the end user. An artist can pre- conceive and render an elegant look with his imagination, while the functional aspect can be taken care of by the product designer.

They can both work in tandem. Avenues are numerous that demand creative instinct from an artist. A few fields where there is great demand for artists are textile industry for designing on fabrics, printing industry, corporate designing, book designing and illustration, publicity and promotional designs, advertising and marketing, outdoor publicity, window display, interior decorations, murals, sculptures, paintings to adorn at private / public halls, magazines, newspaper publications and many more.

With the advent of computers and multi-media designing the avenues are far more widened and the demand for artistic services are ever increasing. Especially the animation industry adding new dimension to the movie making, video game industry, multimedia presentations and web designing. Although computer education fulfils to some extent the simple routine office stationery designing needs, the creativity and imagination are of at most important when producing it for a audience. A computer operator with artistic training, could be a right choice to any of the afore said fields as he can produce great works with a blend of technology and creativity.

The center for its part plays the role of a guide, who constantly monitor the student's work, evaluate, instill creativity, in all aspects of art in the young children who are destined to become great artists of tomorrow.
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Summer Art Camp
International Coin Design - 2009
Peace Pals, USA - 2009
World Air Games – 2009
River of Words, USA – 2009
UNEP, Asia-Pacific Region - 2010
Our School, Banashankari - 2007
Our School, Banashankari - 2008
J.S.S Auditorium, Jayanagar - 2009
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